Error: "We may have lost your last few changes. Make sure they still remain."

Published: 24 Jun 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When making a change to a filter on a dashboard, you may encounter the following error:

We may have lost your last few changes.  Make sure they still remain.

The view then returns to the previous view before any change is made.


  • Tableau Server 


Option 1
Upgrade Tableau Server to 2020.1.5, 2019.4.8, or 2020.2.2.

Option 2
If it is not possible to upgrade server, you can disable client side rendering by adding ?:render=false at the end of the URL or by changing the complexity settings on the server (per the online help article: Configure Client-Side Rendering)


View complexity can cause issues with client vs. server side rendering. This is a known issue that is corrected in more recent version of Tableau Server.
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