Error Using "tabcmd get" to Retrieve Workbook or View with a Space in the Name

Published: 11 Aug 2016
Last Modified Date: 25 May 2018


When attempting to use 'tabcmd get' to retrieve workbooks or views with spaces in their name, the following error occurs:

"Illegal character in path at index 21"

Additionally, if '%20' is used in place of the spaces, the following error will occur:

'404 not found'


Tableau Server


Use the name for the workbook or view as it appears in the browser (without spaces). 

For example:

  • Instead of: tabcmd get "/views/WorkbookName/View Name.twbx" -f "Output Name.twbx"
  • Use: tabcmd get "/views/WorkbookName/ViewName.twbx" -f "Output Name.twbx"
Format for the correct name to use with tabcmd commands can be found by navigating to the view in the browser and noting the URL format: <servername>/#/views/<workbookName>/<viewName>



The command "tabcmd get" retrieves the view via the URL address (special characters omitted) of content on Tableau Server, rather than the name with special characters. This helps keeping special characters from causing issues within the command prompt environment.

Additional Information

The command "tabcmd publish" can result in names containing spaces on Tableau Server if the the publish command includes either spaces or %20, however, tabcmd get will still require that the spaces are omitted.
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