Error "URL points to a website, not a web data connector" When Using Web Data Connector

Published: 01 Sep 2016
Last Modified Date: 31 Jul 2020


When using the Web Data Connector to connect to a web data source, the following error might occur:

URL points to a website, not a web data connector


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Web Data Connector (WDC)


Make sure that you enter the URL of a web data connector, and not the URL of the data that you’re trying to connect to. 


A WDC is an HTML page with JavaScript code that connects to web data, for example, by means of a REST API, converts the data to JSON format, and passes the data to Tableau. 

Additional Information

You can test this by browsing to the WDC URL in any internet browser. If you are given the options to enter information for the data (such as the ZIP code in the King County Food Inspection Data), then you are going to a WDC. If the site looks like standard website (or a list of data) then you are not using a valid WDC.

For testing purposes, explore these links:

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