Error "Unknown function MAKEDATE called" When Using a Live Data Connection

Published: 21 May 2015
Last Modified Date: 24 Aug 2022


When you create a calculated field using the MAKEDATE function, the following error could appear in the Calculated Field dialog box and the calculation cannot be completed:
Unknown function MAKEDATE called.
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  • Tableau Desktop


Option 1

Use the function, DATEADD().  Given that [Year], [Month] and [Day] are data fields for year, month, day respectively, the formula below returns a date value constructed from a year, a month and a day of the month:

DATEADD('day', [Day] - 1, DATEADD('month', [Month] - 1, DATEADD('year', [Year] - 2000, #2000-01-01#)))

Option 2

Use the below calculation to create a DATE field.


Note: the first calculation creates a date and time field where the second calculation creates just a date field.



 The MAKEDATE function is available for Tableau Data Extracts but not available for all data source connected live. The function must be available in the specific data source, such as MySQL, in order to use the function with a live data connection in your workbook.
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