Error "undefined binding" Occurs When Trying to Regenerate Extract With Join and Union Used

Published: 30 Aug 2023
Last Modified Date: 04 Sep 2023


When you delete the created extract file(.hyper) for a workbook(.twb) and open it, Tableau Desktop does not find any hyper file and the below window shows up.
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After clicking [Regenerate the extract], the error below occurred in Tableau Desktop 2023.1 or newer versions when UNION and JOIN are used in the data source. The generation of Extract fails and the worksheets are blank.

Unable to complete action

Error Code: D415FEA3
undefined binding [People].[Region]

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1. This error occurs when JOIN and UNION are used to create the data source at the same time.
2. This error happens to a .twb workbook file. No error with the .twbx workbook.


  • Tableau Desktop 2023.1 or newer versions
  • JOIN


Option 1
1. Close the error window and move to the [Data Source] tab.
2. Click the worksheet name to move back and a Pop-up window shows up asking you to save the .hyper file.
3. Click [Save] and move back to the worksheet.

Option 2
After opening the workbook, Click [Deactivate the extract] in the pop-up window and re-create the extract again.
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Option 3
Use Tableau Desktop  2022.4 or former versions


This issue is under investigation under W-14032078.
Please follow the Reference ID in the Known Issue site.
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