Error "Uncaught exception RuntimeException: Connection reset" When a tabcmd Command Fails

Published: 09 Jun 2015
Last Modified Date: 10 Sep 2020


When trying to append data to extract with tabcmd publish, or when a tabcmd command fails, the following error might occur

Uncaught exception RuntimeException: Connection reset 


  • Tableau Server


Work with your IT team to ensure the tabcmd command is run from the Tableau Server computer.


A firewall might be interfering if the tabcmd command is not run from the Tableau Server computer. 

Additional Information

To understand which tabcmd process failed, review the tabcmd logs and look for similar error(s): 
[<number>] INFO <date/time>: 0% complete 
[<number>] DEBUG <date/time>: Connecting to url: <url path>/monitor/job 
[<number>] ERROR <date/time>: Uncaught exception RuntimeException: Connection reset

The above log snippet states that the Tableau Server monitoring job failed.
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