Error "Unable to start service 'tabsrv'" when Starting Tableau Server

Published: 15 Apr 2016
Last Modified Date: 05 Apr 2019


Unable to start Tableau Server with the error message:

com.tableausoftware.tabctl.dll.Exception: Unable to start service 'tabsvc': (1068) The dependency service or group failed to start


com.tableausoftware.tabctl.dll.NoServiceError: No service named 'tabsvc' is installed (1060)  on worker nodes


  • Tableau Server


The following options can be used to work around the issue:

Option 1

  1. Check if 'Run as User Account' is correct including Domain name, or Computer Name if using local admin account.
  2. Run 'tabadmin configure' from the command line from the primary Tableau Server node.
Option 2
  1. Change process count for the affected machine in the Tableau Server settings (can be changed back when done). Doing so reinstalls the tabsrv service.


When unable to start the service, the permissions of the 'Run as User Account' user may be invalid. Changing permissions to another user then back again to one with the necessary rights/permissions resets permissions on the Tableau Server folders.

For tabsrv displaying as not being installed, this can occur when a previous configuration process is interrupted or not allowed to complete. During the installation process, Tableau Server uninstalls and reinstalls tabsvc on the worker machines. If this installation process is interrupted, then the service never fully finishes the reinstall process.
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