Error "unable To Sign In", "a User With The Same User Name Already Exists On Tableau Server." Occurs When Using Openid To Login

Published: 16 Apr 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When using OpenID Connect, after deleting > adding a user with the same username in Tableau Server, login fails with the error:

"Unable to sign in", "A user with the same user name already exists on Tableau Server."


  • Tableau Server


1. Check if the user causing the error has been deleted and recreated with the same userid/name.
2. If so, use the tabcmd reset_openid_sub command to clear sub values for users.

For more information see Changing IdPs in Tableau Server for OpenID Connect.


The sub value is a unique string that identifies a given user account. It will not change even if admin edits user or IdP claims (email, phone number, etc) associated with that account, delete and recreate them. 

Additional Information

  • Typically, the OpenID provisioning sequence will claim the sub mapping in the IdP. For more information see IdP claims: mapping users.
  • The tabcmd reset_openid_sub command is provided in Tableau Server 2019.4 or later. 
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