Error “Unable to parse XML response…”

Published: 03 May 2013
Last Modified Date: 22 Jan 2019


When publishing to Tableau Server, the following error message occurs.

Unable to parse XML response from website.

The message is followed by markup code that represents the response.


Tableau Desktop 


To troubleshoot the issue, complete any of the following steps as appropriate, in no particular order:

  • Confirm that there is not a third-party authentication page that is presented to the users before the Tableau Server sign-in page. You should provide users with a URL that by-passes this sign-in page when they are signing in from Tableau Desktop.
  • Confirm that the URL used to connect to Tableau Server works when accessed in a browser.
  • If SSL is enabled on the Tableau Server, confirm that you are publishing to the common name on the certificate, and that the server URL protocol shows https://.
  • If using a non-standard gateway port to access Tableau Server, try appending the port to the end of the URL when publishing to Tableau Server.
  • Restart Tableau Server. For more information, see tabadmin in Tableau Help.


Tableau Desktop may be receiving XML from another source that it does not know how to parse.

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