Error: "Unable to materialize temporary table" Joining Data Sources

Published: 31 Aug 2016
Last Modified Date: 08 Oct 2017


When joining across multiple data sources, the following error might occur:

Unable to materialize temporary table


Tableau Desktop 10


Option 1

Update Tableau Desktop to version 10.0.6 or 10.1.4 before altering any antivirus exceptions, as a known issue (ID: 593435) regarding Cross Database Joins was resolved in the previously mentioned maintenance releases. For more information about how to how upgrade, see Upgrading Tableau Desktop

Option 2

Work with your IT team to add the below files, located in the Tableau bin folder, as exceptions to your antivirus software and Windows Defender.
Note: Even if there is no antivirus software installed, Windows Defender may still be preventing the join from completing. 
  • custactutil.exe
  • installanchorservice.exe
  • uninstallanchorservice.exe
  • tableau.exe
  • tabprotosrv.exe
  • TabOnlineSyncClient.exe
  • TabOnlineSyncClientCmd.exe
  • TabOnlineSyncSvc.exe
  • tdeserver64.exe
By default, the Tableau bin folder is located by default at C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau <VERSION>\bin for 64-bit versions of Tableau Desktop or C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau <VERSION>\bin for 32-bit versions of Tableau. Desktop.


An antivirus is preventing Tableau Desktop from working as expected. 
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