Error "Unable to init component...failed with code -1073741790" During Installation

Published: 25 Apr 2013
Last Modified Date: 04 Jan 2018


When you try to install Tableau Server, the installation might not succeed, and the following error might appear in the installation log file:

Unable to init component Components::Database (0 of 14):
MultiCommand::ExternalCommandFailure: Command '"C:/Program Files
(x86)/Tableau/Tableau Server/7.0/pgsql/bin/initdb.exe" -D pgsql/data -E
UTF8 -A trust -U tblwgadmin' failed with code -1073741790


Tableau Server


  1. Sign in to Windows as a local administrator on the computer that is running Tableau Server.
  2. Follow the steps in Run As User in Tableau Help to set all appropriate Run As User permissions.
    Note: Make sure to grant the Run As User Modify permissions to all of drive C and to the entire drive on which Tableau Server is installed. For more information, see Grant Modify Permissions in Tableau Help.


The Tableau Server Run As User does not have all the necessary permissions.
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