Error "Unable to authenticate using supplied user credentials" Occurs When Accessing Published View

Published: 27 Feb 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When accessing a view published to Tableau Cloud, the following error may occur:

Unable to connect to data source with the supplied credentials, or no credentials provided.
Unable to authenticate using supplied user credentials.


  • Tableau Cloud
  • OAuth Connections


  1. Under My Account Settings in Tableau Cloud, scroll down to Saved Credentials
  2. Check to see if an account has been added for the affected data source type. 
    • If so, delete and re-add the account. 
    • If no, add an account. 


If there are any changes made to the underlying saved user account (password change, username change, etc.), then the saved credentials in Tableau Cloud may need to be deleted and re-added.
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