Error "Too many requests" Refreshing Extracts in Tableau Bridge After Upgrading from Tableau Bridge 2018.2

Published: 30 Jan 2019
Last Modified Date: 17 Sep 2019


After upgrading Tableau Bridge from 2018.2 to any newer version, when refreshing extracts in Tableau Bridge, an error occurs:

Status code = 1003. Failed to refresh data source: <data source name> due to the following error: Too many requests


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Bridge 2018.2


  1. If Bridge is running in Service mode, switch it to Application mode. This will ensure that it closes fully upon exit.
  2. Exit the Bridge application.
  3. Open Windows Task Manager and check for any remaining processes that include "Tableau Bridge" in the name. Exit any that you find. Check the Details tab as well for any copies of Bridge running other any other uses who might be logged into the machine.
  4.  Start Bridge again. If it was previously running in Service mode, switch it back to Service mode.


Tableau Bridge 2018.2 had an issue which prevented it from fully exiting during upgrade. This issue has been corrected in Tableau Bridge 2018.3 and newer versions, so will not recur with future upgrades. 

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