Error "This configuration is invalid" Configuring Backgrounder Node Roles

Published: 12 Sep 2019
Last Modified Date: 18 Sep 2019


When configuring Backgrounder node roles in Tableau Server, the following error occurs: 
This configuration is invalid. Configuring Backgrounder node roles for <roles> requires an active Tableau Server Management Add-on on your Tableau Server. If you do not have an active Tableau Server Management Add-on, backgrounder node roles must be configured with the all jobs option. You can configure node roles for flow background jobs if you have an active Tableau Data Management Add-on.


Tableau Server 2019.3 


Purchase and activate a Tableau Server Management Add-on and/or Tableau Data Management Add-on to enable the backgrounder node roles you would like to configure. For more information, see Workload Management through Node Roles


The server does not have the appropriate add-on(s) for the desired Backgrounder node role(s). 
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