Error "This account is not licensed. Contact the Server Administrator" When Logging Into Tableau Online

Published: 26 Aug 2015
Last Modified Date: 30 Sep 2019


When logging in to Tableau Online, the following error might occur:  

This account is not licensed. Contact the Server Administrator.


Tableau Online


The following steps must be performed by the Tableau Online site administrator:
  1. Login to as the site administrator.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Find and select the user experiencing the error, and then choose Actions > Site Role to change the role to one that allows access to the portal.
Note: An unassigned Tableau Online license must be available.


The user was assigned a role that does not allow portal access. The user must be assigned a different role in order to login.

Additional Information

See User Site Roles for more information about the following different types of roles: Unlicensed, Viewer (can publish), Unlicensed (can publish). 

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