Error "The worksheet contains errors (...) in Tableau Desktop 2018.1.0 When Opening Workbooks Connected to Google Analytics

Published: 15 May 2018
Last Modified Date: 14 Jan 2019


When workbooks which are connected to a Google Analytics data source are opened in Tableau Desktop 2018.1, and after clicking the Data Source tab and signing in to the data source, a warning message appears indicating that the worksheet contains errors because some fields are missing, for example:  
There is no field named 'ga:date'.


  • Tableau Desktop 2018.1.0 - 2018.1.2
  • Google Analytics


Option 1

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 2018.1.3 or a later version. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Desktop in Tableau Help.

Option 2

Try the following workaround steps:
  1. Open the workbook in Tableau Desktop 2018.1.0. 
  2. Select Data > Refresh All Extracts... 
  3. Click Refresh on the Refresh All Extracts dialog box that appears.
  4. Sign in to the Google account and then click Allow when prompted.


This behavior is related to a known issue (ID: 777382) which has been fixed in a recent release of Tableau Desktop. 
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