Error "The URL you provided specifies an encrypted (https) connection...." Connecting to Tableau Server from Tableau Mobile Using SSL

Published: 24 Jan 2017
Last Modified Date: 30 Jan 2017


When you try to connect to a SSL-configured Tableau Server, you receive one of the following error messages: 
  • The URL you provided specifies an encrypted (https) connection, but the certificate provided by the server is untrusted. Tableau Mobile can connect to this server only over a non-secure (http) connection, or you can sign in through the web browser. How would you like to connect?


  • Tableau Mobile cannot connect to this server. The URL you have provided specifies an encrypted (https) connection, but the server’s certificate is untrusted. You can sign in through the web browser instead. How would you like to proceed?



  • Tableau Mobile App 
  • iOS
  • Android 
  • Tableau Server


Option 1: 

Work with your Tableau Server administrator to establish trust between your mobile device and the server's SSL certificate. For more information, see Connecting Tableau Mobile to Tableau Server Using Trusted SSL Certificate

Option 2: 

Follow one of the options provided in the error message to proceed: 
  • Continue in the app: Signs in to the server over an unencrypted connection. If you sign in, other people might be able to read communication between the app and the server, including your data and passwords.

  • Open in the web browser: Connects to the server using a web browser instead of the app. The browser allows you to accept an untrusted certificate and make an https connection. However, the security of https requires trusted certificates.

  • Learn more: Directs you to this article.

If you are unsure which option is appropriate for your environment, contact your Tableau Server or IT administrator and share this article with them.


When Tableau Server uses an SSL certificate issued by an untrusted CA (Certificate Authority) Tableau Mobile cannot verify the certificate, so the app prevents you from connecting to the server. 

Additional Information

  •  Encountering this message is not necessarily a sign of an attack or a security problem. Servers can be intentionally configured to use SSL certificates that aren't publicly trusted for a variety of reasons.
  • Previous versions of the Tableau Mobile app allowed you to override a security message and use an https connection without verifying the server’s SSL certificate. Improved security measures in versions 9.1 and later prevent this action. 
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