Error "the Specified Script File Doesn't Exist. Browse To Select A Different Script To Run" Reading Python UTF-8 Script File With BOM

Published: 24 Apr 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When Tableau Prep Builder reads a Python script which uses BOM (Byte Order Mark), the following error will occur.

{"ts":"2020-04-20T15:45:07.892","pid":3108,"tid":"https-jsse-nio-","sev":"error","req":"3c58fe49-5ff0-4fd4-a614-1886b5827616","k":"msg","v":{"msg":"Error when computing node hash","err":"com.tableau.loom.extensibility.fileSystem.FileSystemScriptException: The Specified script file doesn't exist. Browse to select a different script to run.\r\n\tat 


  • Tableau Prep Builder


Remove the BOM by editing the file with a binary editor or save the script without BOM.


BOM is uncommon and not supported for use with Tableau Prep. 
Use of BOM is not supported or recommended for use with UTF-8.
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