Error "The product keys cannot be refreshed because they are managed by the activation service" Occurs When Refreshing Product Keys

Published: 25 Jul 2022
Last Modified Date: 25 Jul 2022


When running tsm licenses refresh TSM command, the following error occurs:
The product keys cannot be refreshed because they are managed by the activation service.


  • Tableau Server


When using Server ATR, users don't need to refresh product key(s) after purchasing a new subscription term because Server ATR automatically refreshes product keys and updates the product key with the new date that reflects the new expiration dates. For more information, see Refresh Expiration Date for the Product Key.

Instead of the subscription term, if any other part of your subscription (for example, the number of Creators or Explorers) has changed, users will need to check the new product keys in the Tableau Customer Portal and activate the new product key. For related information, see the Note for Activate Tableau Server Using the Authorization-To-Run (ATR) Service.


Tableau Server is using Server ATR for the license maintenance.
When using Server ATR, the "Refresh" button or the tsm licenses refresh TSM command cannot be used to refresh the expiration date for the product keys.

Additional Information

Tableau Server in a Container only supports Server ATR currently and cannot refresh the existing product keys by clicking the "Refresh" button or running tsm licenses refresh TSM command to update its maintenance expiration date. For related information, see Limitations.
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