Error "The input file path is not valid or you do not have permissions to access the file." When Running a Flow

Published: 26 Nov 2019
Last Modified Date: 26 Nov 2019


After a flow is configured and published to Tableau Server, running the flow fails and the following error might occur:

The input file path is not valid or you do not have permissions to access the file.



  • Tableau Server with Prep Conductor 
  • Text Files


Step 1

Verify Tableau Server has Safe listed the input and output locations:

For input connections:

tsm configuration set -k maestro.input.allowed_paths -v your_networkdirectory_path_1;your_networkdirectory_path_2

tsm pending-changes apply

For output connections:

tsm configuration set -k maestro.output.allowed_paths -v your_networkdirectory_path_1;your_networkdirectory_path_2

tsm pending-changes apply

Note: The value can be either *, (for example, tsm configuration set -k maestro.input.allowed_paths -v "*") to allow any network directory, or a specified list of network directory paths, delimited by a semicolon (;), as in the examples above.

Step 2

Confirm that NT Authority\Network Service account has permissions to the input file.


The flow ran under the local NT Authority\Network Service account which didn't have permissions to the input files.

Additional Information

If permissions to the file are missing for the NT Authority\Network Service account, the following error can be found in the flowprocessor log file:
ERROR com.tableau.loom.floworchestration.FlowOrchestrator - environment exception for node <node>
com.tableau.loom.floworchestration.exceptions.UnapprovedInputFilePathException: Insufficient permissions to access the file path for input connection <number>
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