Error "The file was not uploaded successfully" Publishing to Tableau Cloud Using Alteryx

Published: 02 Dec 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When Publishing to Tableau Cloud from Alteryx since 11/19/2020, the following error occurs in Alteryx: 

The file was not uploaded successfully


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Alteryx


See the Alteryx article Publish to Tableau tool Error: The File was not Uploaded successfully for full steps and screenshots. 

1. Open the workflow in question that is showing error. Right-click the Publish to Tableau Server tool and select "Open Macro". This will open the workflow which is the Tableau Connector tool itself.

2. Go to Edit Find, type in "257" and select Filter tool #257.

3. In that Filter tool update the Custom filter entry to:

findString([DownloadHeaders],"HTTP/1.1 201")>=0


Alteryx is using the response text rather than the response code. The API response was changed for Tableau Cloud from "201 Created" to "201".

Additional Information

Note: You should not rely on specific text appearing in the <detail> element of an error response. Instead, test the value of the error code attribute to determine why an operation failed.
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