Error: “The field <Field name> does not exist in the database" on Pivoted Dates Field When Workbook is Opened in a Computer with a Different Locale

Published: 23 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 24 Nov 2016


In the Data source window, when hovering over a pivoted dates field that contains a red exclamation mark, the message following message occurs: “The field <Field name> does not exist in the database.”

Additionally, the workbook was created in a US Locale machine, and then saved and opened in an European locale machine. 


Tableau Desktop 10.0 and later


For Tableau Desktop 9.3.9 and earlier versions, set the locale to English (United States) prior to saving the workbook.

For all other versions of Tableau Desktop, create an extract of the data source prior to saving the workbook.


This issue is currently under investigation.
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