Error "The drivers required to connect to the data source are not installed." When Connecting to Cloudera Hadoop Hive

Published: 28 Jun 2022
Last Modified Date: 29 Jun 2022


When you try to connect to a Cloudera Hadoop Hive data source from  Tableau Server, you receive an error message similar to the following: 

The drivers necessary to connect to this database server are not properly installed 


  • Tableau Server 
  • Linux
  • Cloudera Hadoop 


  •  Ensure that specific driver is installed on Tableau Server machine and ODBC configuration is done accordingly. Download the correct drivers for Tableau, see Drivers & Activation
  • Please verify the permission of the below two configurations files. If the permission are not there please apply 777 permission to both the configuration files. 
    • /etc/odbcinst.ini
    • /opt/cloudera/hiveodbc/lib/64/cloudera.hiveodbc.ini
  • Execute the below commands  to apply the permission
    • sudo chmod -R 777 /etc/odbcinst.ini
    • sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/cloudera/hiveodbc/lib/64/cloudera.hiveodbc.ini


The permission was lacking for the driver configuration files.
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