Tableau Server Degraded and Application Server Down or Error "The deployments job has failed" or Blank Login Page After Configuring SAML

Published: 26 Jan 2018
Last Modified Date: 30 Apr 2020


After configuring SAML with Tableau Server, one of the following occurs

In Tableau Server for Linux, tsm services fail to start with the error: 
100% - The services failed to start. 
The deployments job has failed. 
See '/home/<user>/.tableau/tsm/tsm.log' for more information 

In Tableau Server for Windows, configuration completes, but the login page is blank when attempting to access Tableau Server in a browser.

The Application Server process (vizportal) status will be shown in Error state or unavailable.

Additionally, the following error can be found in the vizportal logs: 
PasswordException: Expected private key stored in /<path to key file> to be a PEMKeyPair (unencrypted PEM), but got PrivateKeyInfo instead


Tableau Server


The key in use is password-protected or does not meet other requirements. 
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