Error "Tabprotosrv cannot start or shut down unexpectedly" When Refreshing Extracts via Tableau Bridge

Published: 11 Oct 2023
Last Modified Date: 11 Oct 2023


Extract refresh jobs via Tableau Bridge may fail with the following error messsage:

status code = 3001
IPC_NamedPipe::Select(WaitForMultipleObjects): Timeout. Tabprotosrv cannot start or shut down unexpectedly.


  • Tableau Bridge 2023.2
  • Windows


On the Tableau Bridge computer, install the database driver required for the data source.

To get the driver, go to the Driver Download page. Make sure to filter the list on the Windows operating system and use the instructions listed for the latest version of Tableau Desktop.


Tableau Bridge uses Tableau connectors to connect to different databases to maintain data freshness. Some connectors require drivers to communicate with the databases.
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