Error "Tableau Server cannot verify your licensing information over the internet" When Activating Tableau Desktop

Published: 21 Oct 2020
Last Modified Date: 06 Feb 2023


When activating Tableau Desktop using Login-based License Management (LBLM), the following error occurs:

Tableau Server cannot verify your licensing information over the internet. Contact your administrator to check your internet connection.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Login-based License Management
  • Forward Proxy Server
  • Windows Server


Option 1:

On the Tableau Server machines, verify that "OK" is displayed when accessing
If not, work with your IT team to unblock access to the ATR licensing domain ( for each node. For more information, see Communicating with the InternetConfigure a forward proxy server,​​​​​​ and Unable to activate with your credentials.

Option 2:

Run the following command to verify Run As User (Run As Service Account User, RAU). Make sure this RAU is a domain user account and has valid permissions to read forward proxy settings. For more information, see Required Run As Service Account Settings.
tsm configuration get -k service.runas.username


Tableau Desktop cannot access through the Tableau Server machines. This is the domain that Tableau Desktop needs to access for activation when using LBLM.

Additional Information

If the Tableau Desktop is running on a non-persistent virtual desktop, the environments need to be in conjunction with the virtual desktop or LBLM to be supported. For more information, see Configure Virtual Desktop Support.
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