Error "The Tableau Bridge application configuration is invalid" when Opening Bridge

Published: 22 Aug 2016
Last Modified Date: 20 Dec 2017


When starting Tableau Bridge (Sync Client), the following error might occur: 

The Tableau Bridge application configuration is invalid. Verify configuration settings and credentials.


  • Tableau Online 10.0.0
  • Windows 8.1
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Bridge (formerly Sync Client)


Follow these steps:
  1. Stop any running Tableau Bridge (Sync Client) in the background.
  2. Open the directory for Tableau Bridge (Sync Client) configuration typically located at "C:\Users\******\Documents\My Tableau Repository\TabOnlineSyncClient".
  3. Delete the "TabOnlineSyncClientConfiguration.txt" file.
  4. Restart the Tableau Bridge (Sync Client) on Tableau Desktop.
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