Error "Tableau has stopped working (...)" When Opening Workbook Created in Version 10.5

Published: 30 May 2018
Last Modified Date: 24 Jan 2019


When a Tableau workbook created in Tableau Desktop 10.5 with an Excel file as the data source is opened after upgrading to Tableau Desktop 2018.1, the following error may occur:

Tableau has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.


  • Tableau Desktop 10.5.0 - 10.5.5, 2018.1.0 - 2018.1.1
  • Windows
  • Excel


Option 1: Upgrade Tableau Desktop

Upgrade Tableau Desktop to 10.5.5, 2018.1.2 or a newer version. For more information, see Upgrade Tableau Desktop.

Option 2: Manually clear the Tableau Desktop query cache

  1. Close all instances of Tableau Desktop.
  2. Navigate to the Tableau caching folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Tableau\Caching
  3. Delete the content of the following folders: TemporaryExtracts and ExternalCacheV1.

Option 3: Disable external caching in Tableau Desktop


This behavior is related to a known issue that has been corrected in a more recent version.
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