Error: "Tableau Data Engine Error: The system cannot find the path specified" When Connecting to CSV files

Published: 07 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 14 Aug 2017


When connecting to CSV files in Tableau Desktop, the following error may occur: 

Tableau Data Engine Error: 40636: The system cannot find the path specified. - OS::touch(CreateFileW path="C:\Users\Analysis\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpFBCFC00E\TableauTemp\[FILENAME]#csv\[COLUMNNAME]).data")


Tableau Desktop


When the CSV file is generated ensure that the combined length of the file name and any column name in the file is not longer than 188 characters. 

If the file has already been generated, rename it of edit the column headers to bring it under the 188-character limit.


This error occurs when the combined character length of the file name plus column name exceeds 188 characters.
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