Error: "Tableau could not connect to the published data source" When Publishing and Replacing a Data Source

Published: 27 Apr 2017
Last Modified Date: 05 Oct 2018


When publishing and replacing a data source, the following error might occur and the workbook will not connect to the published data source:​
Data source [Data Source Name] successfully published, but Tableau could not connect to the published data source. The workbook will continue to use the local data source. To use the published data source, create a Tableau Server connection and replace the data source. 


  • Tableau Online  
  • Tableau Server
  • Data Server


Store the calculation metadata in the workbook rather than the data source. 
  1. Open the workbook in Tableau Desktop. 
  2. Prior to publishing any data sources, delete the calculation. 
  3. Publish all data sources to the server. 
  4. Recreate the calculation in the workbook while connected to the published connections. 
  5. Publish the workbook. 


Tableau Data Server does not currently support calculations which reference different data sources. 

Additional Information

The following message occurs initially publishing the data source: 

The data source you are publishing contains a calculation that references a different data source in this workbook. The calculation will not be valid outside of this workbook, and cannot be used on the server.
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