Error "Summary data table not found" When Data Driven Alert Fails to Send in Tableau Cloud

Published: 08 Aug 2019
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


The following error appears in the Background Tasks for Non-Extracts admin view when a data driven alert fails to send: 

Data Alert Id: #### for all users - [Data Driven Alert Name] Evaluated true for 0 recipient(s) Emails sent to 0 recipient(s) Evaluated false for 0 recipient(s) Not evaluated for 0 recipient(s) Alert Details:[sitename]/views/TrackingErrorDetection/Alerts?:original_view=y&:editDataAlert=[DataAlertID#] com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.exceptions.TableauException: Summary data table not found PlatformDataAlertException ALERT_BROKEN_BY_DATA_CHANGES "PlatformDataAlertException":{"alert_error":11,"method":"Do","file":"../../../modules/platform/tabdocdataalert/main/actions/EvaluateDataAlertAction.cpp","line":73}


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Data Driven Alerts


Delete and recreate the data driven alert. 
  1. Access the alert details link provided in the error message from Background Tasks for Non-Extracts admin view.
  2. Delete and recreate the data driven alert.


This issue is often caused by changes to the view the data driven alert is based on, or the location of the view has changed.
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