Error "Some subscriptions were not sent successfully" After a Subscription Fails

Published: 24 May 2016
Last Modified Date: 03 Jan 2019


When a view subscription fails, the following error might occur in the logs:

Some subscriptions were not sent successfully


Tableau Server


Option 1

Ensure that recipients who are receiving this error are licensed to use Tableau Server. 

Option 2

As a Tableau Server Administrator, remove the user from the subscription.


This message indicates that there are users in the Tableau Server environment that were subscribed to a view, but they are no longer licensed for access to Tableau Server views. 

Additional Information

Log snippet:
2016-05-16 03:17:41.838 -0400 (,,,) scheduled-background-job-runner-1 : INFO com.tableausoftware.backgrounder.runner.BackgroundJobRunner - Running job of type :single_subscription_notify; timeout: 9000; priority: 50; id: 996737; args: [1219, 1463382028365] 
2016-05-16 03:17:41.854 -0400 (ILI,,,) pool-2-thread-1 : INFO com.tableausoftware.model.workgroup.service.subscriptions.SubscriptionRunner - Skipping unlicensed user''s subscription. 
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