Error "[Simba][JDBC](11640) Required Connection Key(s): AwsRegion" When Connecting to Athena

Published: 18 Dec 2019
Last Modified Date: 31 Mar 2020


When connecting to Amazon Athena from Tableau Desktop, the following error may occur:

An error occurred while communicating with Amazon Athena.

Invalid username or password.

['java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: [Simba][JDBC](10100) Connection Refused: [Simba][JDBC](11640) Required Connection Key(s): AwsRegion; [Simba][JDBC](11480) Optional Connection Key(s): AwsCredentialsProviderArguments, AwsCredentialsProviderClass, BinaryColumnLength, ComplexTypeColumnLength, ConnectTimeout, MaxCatalogNameLength, MaxColumnNameLength, MaxErrorRetry, MaxSchemaNameLength, MaxStreamErrorRetry, MaxTableNameLength, ProxyHost, ProxyPort, ProxyPWD, ProxyUID, RowsToFetchPerBlock, S3OutputEncOption, S3OutputLocation, Schema, SocketTimeout, StringColumnLength, UseArraySupport, UseAwsLogger, UseResultsetStreaming, Workgroup', 'Invalid username or password.']


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Amazon Athena


Ensure that you are using the full and correct server name. The server should be specified as follows: 
athena.[region] For example,


The server name was not in the correct format. 
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