Error: "Sign-in Failed" When Signing Into Tableau Server Using Identity Pools

Published: 25 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 25 Jul 2023


After configuring identity pools, sign-in attempts using identity pools may result in "Sign-in Failed" error message.


  • Tableau Server
  • Identity Pools


Work with the Identity Provider (IdP) to validate that the OIDC claim being sent to Tableau Server is in alignment with the credentials Tableau Server will expect for authentication.


Identity Provider (IdP) and Tableau Server need to be configured to recognize matching definitions of users and credentials.

Additional Information

Authnservice logs will help to determine what part of the claim needs to be adjusted on either the IdP or Tableau Server. As an example, the following error message indicates that either the user is not added to the Identity Pool, or that the IdP claim is not sending the user credentials in a way that Tableau Server can recognize:
ERROR com.tableau.authn.handler.o1dc.O1dcAuthHandler - [pool UUID:<pool UUID>]Error occurred during login with request redirected from IdP
com.tableau.authn.exception.AuthnServiceException: Cannot find username from id token and user info

This message can be resolved by either changing the IdP claim or reconfiguring Tableau Server to recognize a different claim. For more information and instructions, review Provision and Authenticate Users Using Identity Pools - Usernames and identifiers in Tableau
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