Error "Setting site role for user <username> to '<siterole>' failed" After Activating USL License Key Offline

Published: 22 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 13 Apr 2023


After offline activating a new Updatable Subscription License (USL) key using the offline activation method and not using ATR, TSM shows a mismatch between the license count and Total Role Capacity.  On Tableau Server the new role count does not display as expected after offline activating the new USL key.

As a result, adding a new user or attempting to assign a site role to an existing user may result in the following error:

Setting site role for user <username> to '<siterole>' failed

This issue occurs only when replacing a USL key with a new one that has changed an add-on feature or site role capacity, and the offline activation method is used.


  • Tableau Server 2022.3 and newer
  • Windows Server 2019


The TSM UI shows and uses the previous USL license key and not the newly offline activated USL key.  The previous key must be removed by an offline deactivation.

Additional Information

This issue does not affect USL keys activated using the online activation method or activations using ServerATR.
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