Error "ServiceOperationTimeoutException" After Using tsm settings import

Published: 26 Jun 2020
Last Modified Date: 09 Sep 2020


When using tsm settings import --import-config-file during Tableau Server upgrade from 10.4 or an earlier version to Tableau Server 2020.3 or later, the error ServiceOperationTimeoutException occurs during pending-changes being applied.  


  • Windows 
  • Tableau Server
  • Version 2020.3


Remove a section from the Settings file.
  1. Open up Settings File in text editor
  2. Locate the section that contains "dataengine"
  3. "dataengine" : {
      "instances" : [ {
        "instanceId" : "1"
      }, {
        "instanceId" : "0"
      } ]
  4. Remove the whole section noted in Step 3 from your settings file. (Your instanceID might be different than the number above)
  5. Save the Settings File under a new name.
  6. Execute tsm settings import with the new file you just saved. 


Tableau Server 2020.3 no longer uses Data Engine and does not recognize settings related to Data Engine.
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