Error "Schema/DataTable mismatch" When Using DATEADD()

Published: 01 Dec 2018
Last Modified Date: 18 Jan 2019


When creating a calculation using DATEADD(), that has division in the interval argument, the calculation is valid.  However, when the calculation is added to the view Tableau Desktop returns the following error:
Unable to complete action ColumnTable:
Schema/DataTable mismatch" error when the calculation is added to the view


Tableau Desktop


Wrap the formula in the interval argument in INT().
SUGGESTION: Add parentheses around the interval argument in INT().

For example, an original equation may look like this:
SUGGESTION: For example, an original calculation may look like this:
DATEADD('day', [Parameter]/2, [Date Field] )

And then may become this after wrapping the formula in the interval argument in INT():
SUGGESTION: And then, after encapsulating the interval argument in INT(), will look like this:
DATEADD('day', INT( [Parameter]/2 ), [Date Field] )


The DATEADD() function requires an integer for the interval argument. Division will convert a number to decimal number, also known as a float.

Additional Information

Some live data sources may not experience this issue, for example Microsoft SQL Server, as those data sources are more flexible with data types.

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