Error "SASL(-1): generic failure: All-whitespace username" When Connecting to Cloudera Impala via SSL

Published: 09 Jul 2015
Last Modified Date: 07 Sep 2016


When you connect to Cloudera Impala that uses SSL, the following error might occur:

Unable to connect to the ODBC Data Source. Check that the necessary drivers are installed and that the connection properties are valid.
[Cloudera][ImpalaODBC] (100) Error from the Impala Thrift API: SASL(-1): generic failure: All-whitespace username.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Cloudera Impala
  • SSL


Uninstall currently used version of Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala, and upgrade to Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala 2.5.29 or a newer version. 


Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala 2.5.27 and 2.5.28 are not compatible with Tableau Desktop. 
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