Error "Response Row Size or Constant Row Size Overflow" When Extracting from Teradata

Published: 28 Mar 2019
Last Modified Date: 18 Apr 2019


When extracting a large number of columns of data from Teradata, the following error may occur:

The connection to the data source might have been lost. [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database](-9804)Response Row size or Constant Row size overflow. prepare.xml DataServiceFailure Unable to create extract



  • Tableau Desktop 2018.1.6
  • Teradata


Hide all unused columns in the data before creating the extract to reduce the row size in the query response. For more information about this action, see Hide or Unhide Fields in Tableau Help. 


The error message is sent by the Teradata server and indicates that the results of the query contain rows of greater than 64kb data.
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