Error: "Resource not found. Please check the URL and try again." When Loading a View as A Guest

Published: 20 Jun 2014
Last Modified Date: 07 Feb 2018


When loading a published workbook using Tableau Server Guest Account through embedded and unembedded links, the following error message might occur:  

Resource not found. 
Please check the URL and try again.

Additionally, the following parameters or extensions are confirmed: 
  • The URL parameter contains: ?:format=png or ?:format=pdf
  • The URL extension contains: .png or .pdf 


Tableau Server


Option 1

As a Tableau System Administrator, log in to Tableau Server and temporarily disable the Guest account. This will force Tableau Server to properly authenticate permissions to view the Share URL. For more information about Guest accounts, see Guest User in the Online Help.

Option 2

Regenerate the URL via the Share option on the View and re-share it with the persons receiving the error.  


Appropriate permissions to view the workbook are denied to the Guest account.
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