Error "Resource not found" Opening a Workbook

Published: 06 Dec 2013
Last Modified Date: 11 May 2016


When opening a published workbook in a web browser, the following error might occur:

Resource Not Found


Tableau Server


Free up disk space on the computers running Tableau Server by following the one of the below workarounds: 

Option 1

Reboot the computer(s) where Tableau Server is installed.

Option 2

The following steps need to be performed by the Tableau Server Administrator as it will require Tableau Server to be stopped, therefore scheduled downtime may be required.


The computer running Tableau Server does not have enough space to load the view, this results in a Resource Not Found error message generated by the web browser.

Additional Information

The above workaround might only fix the issue temporarily, in this case disk space will need to be added to the worker, or the process will need to be migrated to another worker with more available space.
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