Error "Resource Conflict: The specified configuration key(s) '[kms.mode]' cannot be changed." When Importing a config json File

Published: 18 Feb 2020
Last Modified Date: 19 Feb 2020


When importing the tsm settings.json file, the import fails and the following error might occur: 

"ERROR com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.TSMErrorHandler - An error occurred: 409507, Resource Conflict
ERROR com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.cli.Console - Resource Conflict: The specified configuration key(s) '[kms.mode]' cannot be changed"


Tableau Server 2019.3. and later versions, 2019.4 and later versions


As a workaround, remove the kms.mode configuration key exported from the settings.json in 2019.2.x or earlier version before importing it into the 2019.3.0 or later version. To do so:
  1. Run the following command: tsm settings export -f <version>_Settings.json
  2. Edit the json file <version>_Settings.json and remove the line that has "kms.local". The difference can be seen below (note the comma needs to be removed from previous line if it is the last entry)
    <     "wgserver.domain.default" : "<domain name>",  
    <     "kms.mode" : "local"  
    >     "wgserver.domain.default" : "<domain name>"
  3. Then, run the import command for Tableau Server 2019.3.3 and later versions: tsm settings import -f <version>_Settings.json
  4. Add --force-keys to the .json file: tsm settings import --import-config-file <file name>.json --force-keys. For more information about this setting, see --import-config-file in Tableau Help. 


The specified configuration key(s) '[kms.mode]' is/are incompatible with Tableau Server 2019.3.0 and later versions.
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