Error "Resource Conflict The specified configuration key(s) ... cannot be changed." When Importing an Active Directory Identity Store Configuration in Linux

Published: 20 Mar 2018
Last Modified Date: 24 Apr 2018


When importing an active directory identity store configuration in Linux for a new installation, the following error might occur if you have referenced and created an identity store configuration .json file based off of an older Tableau Help documentation (during the Beta, for example): 

[<user_id>@<server_name>]$ tsm settings import -f /mnt/fileshare/directory/configs/Linux/identitystore_ad.json​
Resource Conflict: The specified configuration key(s) '[service.runas.username, service.runas.password]' cannot be changed.


Tableau Server on Linux


Update your configuration .json file. For more information, see the most up-to-date Tableau Help configuration guidelines: identityStore Entity.


After a recent configuration change, the ‘runAsUser’ configEntity in the identity store .json template is no longer necessary.

Additional Information

Your old configuration may look like the following configuration: 






















         "username": "<username>",

         "password": "<password>"   




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