Error "Resource Conflict [...] The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect." When Restoring Tableau Server Backup from a Network Share

Published: 02 Jan 2020
Last Modified Date: 02 Jan 2020


When attempting to restore Tableau Server backup from a network share (for example, E drive) onto another server, the following error might occur:

"Resource Conflict:  \\FileServer\e$\: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect"


  • Tableau Server 2019.2.4
  • Windows Server


Modify basefilepath.backuprestore setting to the correct UNC path \\FileServer\restore:
tsm configuration set -k basefilepath.backuprestore -v "\\FileServer\restore"
tsm pending-changes apply

The restore initiated using the same command below was able to access the backup file tableau-server.tsbak on "\\FileServer\restore" successfully after that and got past the Resource Conflict issue:
tsm maintenance restore --file tableau-server.tsbak


The basefilepath.backuprestore setting was modified from the default value to the incorrect UNC path.
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