Error “Replacing a .tde extract with a .hyper extract is not allowed” After Locating Extract from .tde to .hyper

Published: 09 Apr 2018
Last Modified Date: 25 Jul 2018


When attempting to locate the extract from .tde to .hyper of the existing workbook(s), the following error might occur:

“Replacing a .tde extract with a .hyper extract is not allowed”


  • Tableau Desktop 10.5 or later version
  • Tableau Data Engine


  1. Click “Cancel” on the “Extract Not Found” dialog.
  2. You will notice that your View now displays the message “Worksheet Unavailable”
  3. From Menu, navigate to Data > New Data Source.
  4. Select “More” of “To a File”.
  5. Navigate to the directory where the .hyper extract exists and select it to open it.
  6. The connection to the .hyper extract is established. Go to the sheet.
  7. Notice that two data sources exist in the Data pane.
  8. From Menu, navigate to Data > Replace Data Source.
  9. Make sure that the .hyper extract is listed as Replacement.
  10. Notice that the .hyper extract is replaced with the existing workbook.
  11. For the .tde extract, it can be disconnected by right clicking on the data source and select “Close”.


The connection to .hyper extract should be established before replacing the data source.
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