Error "Query Couldn't Return All Data" When Connecting to Google Analytics

Published: 10 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 12 Dec 2016


When attempting to create a Google Analytics extract an error may occur:
"Query couldn't return all data"
"Could not create extract"


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Google Analytics


To resolve the issue:
  1. Turn Sampling on on the Data Pane in Tableau Desktop
  2. Wait for some time and try connecting to Google Analytics again (as the error may be caused by too many calls being made to GA API)


The error usually occurs because of the below reasons:

  • Too many calls are being made via the API. As a result the Google API service refuses to process the call.
  • Too much data is being asked for (see Data Limits on Google's support pages) and sampling needs to be turned on.


Additional Information

To learn more about sampling in Google Analytics see How Sampling Works from Google help.
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