Error "Publish Failure" After Failing to Refresh a Data Source with Tableau Bridge

Published: 04 Aug 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Aug 2017


When refreshing a published data source with Tableau Bridge, the refresh may fail and the following error might occur:

"Publish Failure"

Additionally, the Tableau Bridge logs may contain a failure error message, such as

"No such column [<column_name>]"


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Bridge


  1. Exit Tableau Bridge.
    • Note: if Tableau Bridge is running in service mode, first set it to run in application mode, then exit. This ensures that the client will not continue to run in the background after exiting the UI.
  2. Close all open sessions of Tableau Desktop.
  3. Download and install the most recent version of Tableau Desktop, available through your Tableau Portal or at:
  4. Log into your Tableau Online site and navigate to the data source page for one of the data sources that is failing.
  5. Click the Download button and save the .tdsx file.
  6. Tableau Desktop and use File > Open to open the saved .tdsx file.
  7. Right-click the data source and choose Extract > Refresh.
  8. After the extract refresh is completed, publish the data source again. Ensure you are using the same project and data source name as the original published data source.
  9. Open Tableau Bridge and refresh the data source again.


 This error is caused by the following reasons:
  1. The data source was published with an older version of Tableau Desktop than the current version of Tableau Online.
  2. And, since the data source was originally published, a column was either added to, or removed from, the database.
When the version of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Online do not match, there is additional work done behind the scenes that can result in the "no such column" error during refresh. If they do match, that additional work is not done, and therefore the refresh is successful.
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