Error "Some of your product keys could not be synchronized"

Published: 02 Dec 2013
Last Modified Date: 07 Jan 2019


When refreshing a product key in Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server, the following error might appear in Manage Product Keys:

Some of your product keys could not be synchronized: <keys>


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server


Several issues may result in the error listed above. Try the below troubleshooting steps to identify the origin of the error.
  1. Verify in the Tableau Customer Portal that the product key has additional maintenance. If, in Manage Product Keys, the key shows a maintenance end date that matches the maintenance end date in the Tableau Customer Portal, then there is no additional date to refresh.  

  2. Verify the key in the Tableau Customer Portal matches the key being refreshed in Manage Product Keys. If a key has been replaced by another key, it will not be possible to refresh the obsolete key. The new key must be activated to obtain the higher maintenance date.

  3. Ensure that nothing is blocking communication to or from on port 443 of the computer running Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server. For more information, see the Licensing section of the Internet Access Requirements article.

  4. If the product key was activated offline previously due to the inability to reach out to the Tableau License Server, the refresh will fail. Another offline activation will need to be completed to obtain a higher maintenance date. Please visit the Tableau Customer Portal to obtain the updated key with the latest maintenance end date.

  5. The license data on the Tableau Server or Tableau Desktop machine may be out of sync with the Tableau License Server.  Please contact Technical Support and provide the license data outlined in this article: Providing License Data to Tableau Support.

  6. The key may be at a maximum activation level. Please contact Tableau Technical Support and provide the licensing ID for the key being refreshed or a screenshot of the Manage Product Keys refresh error.


The root cause may vary depending upon which of the above scenarios was the origin of the error.
  • The computer running Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server is unable to communicate with the Tableau Licensing Server.
  • The key has no additional maintenance to refresh.
  • The key is obsolete and has been replaced.
  • The machine is in an offline mode with no connectivity to the Internet.
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