Error "product is unable to start due to an internal licensing error" Opening Tableau Desktop

Published: 25 Apr 2014
Last Modified Date: 06 Dec 2019


When you try to open Tableau Desktop, the following error might occur:
The product is unable to start due to an internal licensing error. 
Please uninstall the product and try installing again.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Windows 
  • Antivirus 
  • Security Configuration Application


Option 1

Work with your IT team to temporarily disable any anti-virus or malware software running on the computer, and then attempt to install the software again.

Option 2

Work with your IT team to have security configuration or third-party software applications uninstalled before installing Tableau Desktop again.
A security configuration, or applications like T4 for ROM-Win can prevent direct writing to a hard disk in order to not leave data on the machine. Consequently, permanent data changes such as deletions and uninstalls can be difficult to make.  

Option 3

If after attempting the above options you are still unable to install, launch or activate Tableau Desktop successfully, please work with you IT team in order to detect if the issue is coming from the Operating System. For more information, see the following Microsoft article: Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed.
Note: Make a backup of the registry before you make any changes to it. Serious issues may occur if the registry is modified incorrectly. Troubleshooting Windows registry edits is outside the scope of Tableau Technical Support.

Option 4

Perform a clean installation of Tableau Desktop. 
  1. Uninstall Tableau Desktop from the Control Panel menu.
  2. Delete the following folder: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau <Version>
  3. Rename the My Tableau Repository folder (located by default at C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Tableau Repository) to My Tableau Repository_Backup.
  4. Go to Tableau Desktop Downloads and Release Notes to download the new installer.
  5. Reinstall Tableau Desktop as an administrator.


Some Tableau Desktop files did not download completely, or the file became corrupted during download.

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