Error "PQresultStatus 7 ERROR unable to read from 'FILE' [SQL State: 58P01]" When Refreshing Data Source Using Tableau Bridge

Published: 12 Jan 2018
Last Modified Date: 15 Jan 2018


When attempting to refresh a data source extract of a TDE using the Tableau Bridge, the following error might occur:
PQresultStatus: 7 ERROR: unable to read from 'FILE' [SQL State: 58P01] [Severity: ERROR] [Primary message: unable to read from 'FILE".


  • Tableau Online 10.5
  • Tableau Bridge 
  • Hyper, Data Engine


As a manual workaround, refresh a local copy of the extract, republish and overwrite the published data source. See the steps below: 
  1. Download the affected data source from Tableau Online. 
  2. Open the data source in Tableau Desktop. 
  3. Refresh the local extract in Tableau Desktop. 
  4. Republish the data source and overwrite the affected connection. 


Our team is investigating this issue. 
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